Agility, Efficiency, Innovation

We deliver accurate data and nuanced insights with speed and agility.

Consistency, Credibility, Availability

We help to quantify your competitive advantages so you can craft winning strategies.

Accuracy, Integrity, Reputation

We arm you with more and better information to run stronger campaigns.

Our Philosophy

Every campaign wants a finger to the pulse of public opinion, but few have unlimited research budgets. We find the best survey options for your campaign budget and work with you to capture data, distill insights, and meet tight deadlines for maximum impact.

Why Blueprint?

Blueprint Polling clients know we take them seriously. We build personal relationships and give individual attention to each campaign. Plus, our experience ensures reliable data for more accurate projections.
  • Our client list includes trade associations, advocacy groups, ballot measure campaigns and candidates at the federal, state, legislative and local government levels
  • Innovators with use of IVR/Live Agent surveys to reach younger voters and include more people of color in the election process
  • Since our firm began, we have completed more than 1,000 surveys in 47 states

Features, Methodology
& Quality Control

Crosstab Reports

We produce crosstabs by age, race, gender, education, party preference, ideology.

We work with clients to understand the context and develop reliable estimates.
Data Graphics

We produce word clouds, charts, and graphics for deeper, nuanced analysis.


Prior to full launch, we program and test the process multiple times.

We monitor the survey activity in real time to ensure adherence to the script.

We conduct pre survey training with our live operators.

Data Collection

We dial randomly through the list of records noting completes by “bucket” daily.
Response Rates

We measure response rates by time of day and use that data to adjust future calling times.
Trouble Shooting

Our software enables us to  detect potential problems early in the survey process.


Our Experience

We help deserving candidates at every level — from city council races up to contests for Governor, US Congress and US Senate. Our experience is built from over a thousand survey projects with more than 350 clients in nearly every state in the nation.
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