Why Blueprint

Why Choose
Blueprint Polling

In our hyper-connected world, having a finger on the pulse of the public’s opinion is crucial to success in any campaign. No matter your budget size or ballot position, it’s essential to “see around the corner.” Blueprint Polling moves with your campaign to find good data fast and deliver high-value insights that inform what’s next for your winning strategy.
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We find the best survey options to fit into your campaign budget.
Our experience yields reliable data and high-value insights you can trust.
We innovate and adjust with you to meet tight deadlines for maximum impact.

Features, Methodology
& Quality Control

Cross Tab Reports
We produce and report out crosstabs by a range of demographic and voter profiles (age, race, gender, education, party preference, ideology). We know comparison is key to analyzing responses and drilling down to key insights of survey results.
We work closely with the client to align on the most reliable estimates of age, gender, education, ethnicity and partisan mix. We also include questions measuring voter enthusiasm that we incorporate into the turnout model and weighting of individual responses.
Data Graphics
We can ask open-ended questions about your most important issues and code responses. We produce word clouds and other charts and graphics for analysis. We understand that communicating data quickly, clearly, and accurately is essential.
We program and test the survey and process multiple times prior to launch by dialing to team members as if they were residents of the targeted legislative district to ensure flawless execution of the program when it is time to launch.
We monitor the survey activity in real time to ensure adherence to the script and excellent interactions with respondents. Our live agent to supervisor ratio is never higher than 12:1 to guarantee high-quality calls.
We conduct pre-survey training with our live operators to review the project’s purpose, proposed use of results; actual survey language (with phonetic spellings); and background information for FAQ’s by respondents.
Data Collection
We dial the records list randomly until reaching targets for each demographic. Then, concentrate on other target quotas not yet filled. Once targets are reached, we utilize remaining data by “bucket” to replenish the number of targets for the survey.
Response Rates
We call in waves over several days, monitor response rates by time of day, and adjust call times for subsequent dates using that data. We determine call backs by tracking daily survey responses according to completion quotas by age, race, ethnicity and ward (only).
Trouble Shooting
Our software enables us to detect potential problems early in the survey process. We align on question termination plans, track and review termination metrics (by age, race, gender) daily to see if patterns are detectable. We retain results of all partial completes for client review.