About Us

We began as Chism Strategies, a direct voter contact firm making millions of persuasion and GOTV phone calls annually.



Through our parent company, Blueprint Polling has partnered on research projects with Yale, Fordham, the Analyst Institute, and others along with our own survey work including modeling for pollsters and campaigns.

Over the years, to better serve legislative and local government clients who lacked the budgets of competitive federal races, we experimented with alternative research methods. We were pioneers in IVR survey technology more than a decade ago and were recognized by our national trade association in 2006 for innovations with this tool.

We introduced IVR/Live agent survey mix as the number of mobile-phone-only voter households continued to rise and our legislative clients wanted better ways to reach younger voters and persons of color who were less likely to use landlines.

We continue to use SMS technology to survey voters — sometimes as a stand-alone method and at other times mixed with either live agent surveys or IVR surveys.


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Today, Blueprint Polling is on the leading edge of survey innovations in the country so we can deliver high value insights that drive effective strategy for our clients.

Our Team

Brad Chism
Managing Partner
Brannon Miller
Director, Voter Targeting
Kathryn York
Chief of Business Development

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