Your Election Night Cheat Sheet

If you’re keeping tabs on elections in more than one state on Tuesday, keep in mind that several of them probably won’t be decided that night. More than 31.2 million midterm early vote and mail-in ballots have been cast as of last night. And the hodgepodge of state election laws will raise your blood pressure:

  • Just 10 states allow election officials to count mail/absentee ballots before Nov. 8th
  • 23 states allow the tally of mail/absentee ballots to begin before polls close on Tuesday
  • In 16 states, mail and absentee voting counts cannot begin until AFTER the polls close on Tuesday

Not to worry.

Below is your quick reference chart to get you through Election Night. It may come in handy when reassuring nervous candidates to hang on or while breaking the hard news to others.