Biden and Trump in a Virtual Tie in Hypothetical Rematch in Colorado

April 12, 2022

Virtual Tie in the Presidential Rematch

In a state that President Biden won by 13.5 % just a year and a half ago, the incumbent is dead even with his former rival. While these numbers are surely disappointing for Democrats, Trump has only improved his tally in Colorado by 1.2 % in the last eighteen months. The real story is that Biden’s support has fallen by 12.5% since Election Day.  

  • Biden still holds a commanding lead over Trump among college-educated voters, 48.4% to 37.4% respectively, while Trump continues leading among non-college voters by almost 9 percent.
  • Trump only leads non-Hispanic white voters by less than 1%, while Biden leads Trump with Hispanic voters by 1.2 %.
  • Biden’s support among Black Americans sits at 60.8% but with the 16% of African Americans wanting to support a third-party candidate and 23.3% still undecided in this hypothetical rematch.
  • A test of the generic partisan presidential ballot reminds us that voters don’t relish the idea of a 2020 rematch. Support for a “third party candidate” doubles from the generic ballot test to a specific mention of Biden and Trump as the undecided are 5% lower in a generic partisan ballot. African American voters, while less than thrilled with Biden (23% undecided), are wary of a Democrat, to-be-named, with more than four in ten undecideds. With Hispanics, a generic Democrat is running 10.6% ahead of President Biden. 

Senator Bennet Leads Potential Opponent Campana by 6.2%

Sitting Senator Michael Bennet leads potential GOP Nominee Campana modestly with 13.7% of voters still undecided. He would only need 27% of undecided voters to win his seat again. 

  • Bennet has the support of 6.7% of Trump supporters while Campana only attracts .1% of Biden supporters. Voters that are undecided in the hypothetical rematch between Trump and Biden overwhelmingly support Bennet by 14.7 %.
  • Among Independent voters, Bennet leads Campana by over 15% Again, we see that Bennet has substantial support among Republicans in Colorado getting 8.4% of their votes while Campana only gets 1.8% of Democrat votes.
  • Among Hispanic voters Bennet receives 57% of their votes outperforming Biden by 16%.

About Blueprint

Blueprint Polling is a sister company to Chism Strategies that conducts survey research in federal, state, and local elections.  This survey of 612 voters April 6-8, 2022, included land line and mobile phone responses and has a margin of error of +/-3.96%.  Blueprint conducted this research with no input or funding from any candidate, committee, or interest group.   For more information call Brad Chism at 601.918.4563.

You can find toplines and crosstabs about the survey here.