Hispanic Voters Wary of Biden in NV Survey

Biden Trails Trump in Presidential Rematch

The President is currently down by double digits in Nevada, a state he won handily in 2020. The COVID hangover, inflation in general, fuel prices and the confusion over Ukraine seem to be taking their toll. As we have seen in other states, a large contingent of voters (almost one in four) are either undecided or expressing support for an unnamed third-party candidate—an obvious sign of dissatisfaction with likely options in the 2024 contest.  

  • Biden leads Trump by 3 points among voters with a college degree, and trails Trump by 19 points among non-college voters.  
  • Trump holds 10-point lead among non-Hispanic white voters.
  • Biden support among African Americans is at 67.3%, with 6.4% undecided.
  • Hispanic voters favor Trump by 19%.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo Leads Governor Steve Sisolak by 3.2% (within the margin of error)

Governor Sisolak’s hard support at this stage is almost 8% more than Lombardo’s, but more than a third of respondents are either undecided or leaning toward Sheriff Lombardo.

  • Among white voters, Lombardo leads 47% to 39%, while among voters of color, Sisolak leads 46.2% – 34%. Sisolak’s support is around 4 points higher than Biden’s among both groups.
  • Among Hispanic voters, Sisolak has 36%, outperforming President Biden by 9 points, while Lombardo has 34.6% of Hispanic voters’ support, leaving 29.5% of Hispanic voters undecided in the upcoming governor’s race—by far the largest group of undecideds.
  • Sisolak leads among the undecided in the presidential race, by 15%.
  • Sisolak runs 6% better with Trump voters while Lombardo gets less than 2% of Biden voters.
  • Lombardo leads 33% – 27% among self-described independents—a group that favors Trump 38%-23%.

Senator Cortez Masto Trailing Potential Opponent Adam Laxalt by 5%.

The Democratic incumbent also fares better than the President but performs worse than the Governor in her matchup with possible general opponent Laxalt.

  • Among white voters, Laxalt leads 51to 41%.
  • Among Hispanic voters, Cortez Masto and Laxalt are tied. However, 23% of Hispanic voters are still undecided in this possible matchup. Cortex Masto outperforms President Biden by 12 points among Hispanic voters.
  • Cortez Masto benefits significantly from those who say they’re undecided in the presidential race, leading Laxalt 36.3%-23.3% among this group.
  • Laxalt leads by 7% among self-described independents—a group that favors Trump by 14%.

You can find toplines and crosstabs about the survey here.