Blueprint Polling

December 23, 2021

For more than a decade our team members have been reading hundreds of polls each year to develop the messaging for voter contact programs. We found the quality varied widely and upon further investigation, so did pricing and the client’s value for the dollar.

Chism Strategies was a pioneer in the application of IVR survey technology and were early adopters of web-based surveys (SMS).  Three years ago, we were pressed into service for live agent polling for an IE client who wanted a perspective from outside the Beltway.  We’ve continued to hone our process and refine our survey instruments. We’ve done more than 1,000 surveys in 47 states and have concluded it’s time to give our public opinion research business greater attention as a standalone entity.

Blueprint Polling now offers IVR, SMS and live agent surveys as well as mixtures of all three survey modes.  We are committed to dispelling the common perception that clients can only have two of the three: “Quality, Affordability and Quick Turnaround”.

We know that our polling clients—mostly veteran consultants, experienced party staffers and IE directors—care more about timely, reliable data than fifty-page slide decks. They want a solid report to aid them in their own strategic planning on behalf of their clients.

If you’re about to launch a $10 million bid for Congress, you’re better off with high profile pollsters who will impress the donor class. (We can give you the names of several who come to us for IVR and SMS work.)  If your budget is more modest, and your need more immediate, Blueprint Polling is your best option.